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Printer's screen vs. Slicer's settings mismatch

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I have an Ender 3 v2 with firmware 1.2.1.

My settings in Cura (v4.8) are Print Speed 50mm/s, Fan Speed 35% and z-offset -0.25.

Yet during the printing, the printer's screen shows Printing speed 100, Fan speed 89 and z-offset 0.00. (you can see both settings in the image attached).

Is this normal or a bug?

And in any case, which settings prevale, the ones on the slicer or the ones displayed on the printer's screen?


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Printing speed on display is percents. So printing 50mm/s at 100%.. If reduce to 50% printing speed will be 25mm/s but also extrudes less filament.
It think for fan is same.. 100% wil be fan spinning at 35%, now maybe 30%.
Z offset overruled by slicer setting I guess, else would be -0.25 minus printer Z offset wich will be too low.

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