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Print finish quality - Blue Filament

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Hi All, 

I've just got my Ender 3 pro this weekend. I build it and leveled the bed following guides on youtube. Did a bed level test print this morning which went well. I then printed my first object (Keyring shaped like a mountain in attached photo)


Please see attached photo showing surface that was in contact with the bed (bottom side up)  The first couple of prints looked like example A). nice strong blue finish where you can easily see where the nozzle has been. However, on the third print, the finish started looking like example B). You can see the finish is slightly smudged and the strong blue finish now looks to have a silver / white tint to it. 


Does anyone have an idea what is causing this? bed maybe needs leveling again? contamination on the bed? any other ideas?


Thoughts / comments greatly appreciated 🙂 I'd love to get back to the same surface quality as example A)


Many Thanks