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PLA not sticking to bed on first layer, also mixed results later in print

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I'm completely new to 3d printing, so I'm sure there is probably something really obvious I'm missing here, I just don't know what to try next.

It appears that the PLA isn't sticking to the bed on the first layer and is unevenly being extruded (see attached picture).

I purchased this printer from a friend and the first couple of test prints (with gcode files already on the SD card worked fine), though even with those it got wonky towards the top of the print (pig pictured, weird void towards the top). 

Any gcode files I generate with Cura don't seem to work, not sure if it's something related to the gcode or the printer needs to be calibrated?

I've manually leveled the bed multiple times between these test prints to no avail.

I've also tried different nozzle and bed temperatures and different PLA and PETG spools, didn't seem to help.

I purchased a new build surface, also didn't seem to help.

Happy to add more details, attach STL/gcode files, etc. if needed. Really hitting a wall here. Thanks in advance for the help! 🙂 

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@whoooami The first layer is too far away from the bed. You can watch this video to learn what is best for your first layer.

The weird void towards the top is caused by the under-extrudered. It may be an accident, will not at the same place on the print. Please try again when got the perfect first layer.