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Philips screws about to fall out of z-axis motor?!?

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I was in the process of changing my extruder over to a Bantam style extruder assembly, so had to take the screws out of the top of the extruder assembly (like you would to replace the parts with any other), and once I got the motor out - I found ALL 4 of the Philips screws in the bottom of the motor were completely loose and almost falling out.  How they didn't I have no idea.

I've tightened them - but kind of shocked that no Loctite was used on them - even the milder blue Loctite.

Wondering if I should back each one out again, and use Loctite - or is there some reason that it isn't used on these motor housing screws?

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@tundrwd Sorry I may not get your point, could you please make it clear with some pictures?