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PETG creates Ghostly prints

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Hi all and thanks in advance for your help. I rencently switched from PLA to PETG on my Ender 3 and I keep getting miserable prints even after playing around with the settings in Cura. The Print looks spongy and it seems to print all over the place. My current settings are:

Layer Height: 0.16


PrintSpeed: 50mm/s (35 surface)

Acceleration: 2000mm/s

Jerk: 20mm/s

Retraction: 6.5mm, 25mm/s

Fan: 0% for first 4 layers, 25% after

In my latest print I saw a few spots with burnt material and I am afraid that my bowden tube is breaking down, but since I saw this behaviour from the start of printing with PETG, I am confident, that this is not the cause of the error.

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I'm no expert but I think that your fan should be as per PLA.