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Nozzle(s) keep clogging no matter what I do!

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I've been using the ender 3 for 2 years now and the issue popped up after one year of perfectly good operation. After about 6 hours of 8 hour print the nozzle cogged and I couldn't get any good print out of my ender ever since. There was nothing unusual about this specific first-failed print. It was PLA filament (as most of my prints).

Some symptoms:

  • old gcodes from SD card that worked perfectly good before don't work anymore
  • clogging happens in random moments, sometimes at the beginning of the print, sometimes at the end
  • partial clogging is also happening, causing under extrusion
  • when I clean the nozzle and feed the filament by hand (knob on stepper axis) it also clogs after couple of turns
  • temperature of the nozzle (on display) is steady when clogging happens and printer seem to react correctly on temperature adjsutment

Now, what I tried so far (everything failed):

I may have missed something as this is my struggle for the last year. I'm getting out of ideas now, so please give your comments and suggestions.

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I'm sorry I don't have a solution for you. I am facing the same problem with my Ender 3 Max. I've been through something similar as you. Last time I changed the hotend to All Metal, but like before, after about 30 minutes it starts clogging again. The next step would be to renew the board, but to be honest, I've already invested way too much time and money to do that. I wish you every success. 


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@nowakows  @endezeichner

This method works well. You need to know why the nozzle keeps clogging.