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Not Sticking

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Hello All,

I am new to this so my apologies if I do not use the proper terminology, but I have the Ender 3 and have been running into an issue for quite some time now where the print will not stick.
I have had it for a while now and gave up on it as it did maybe 5-10 good initial prints, and 3 of those being the test ones (dog, pig, cat). After that nothing sticks, I will go in as much detail as I can below to help alleviate any questions.

  • replaced the tip with a smaller and larger option
  • i ensure to extrude some filament ahead of time so its ready
  • i preheat everything for a couple min ahead of time to ensure everything is to temp and ready
  • i level the bed using a piece of paper and ensure it slides below the head just barely. i have tried increasing and decreasing this
  • i have cleaned the bed multiple times
  • i have tried painters tape on the bed
  • i have tried glue on the bed
  • the device came with 2 beds, a glass bed and a rough surface bed, i have tried all the above on both
  • the filament is pla
  • i have tried temperatures on the low and high end of the filament recommended levels and several other temps within the range
  • i have tried different manufacturers and color of pla
  • i have tried increasing and decreasing the temperature of the bed
  • i have tried slowing down the printing
  • i have tried where it prints a big "bed" to the piece
  • adding more and less layers

Sometimes it fails nearly instantly, sometimes its a few layers, sometimes its hours in, but 95% of the time is a few minutes in.

I am honestly ready to toss the thing out at this point but that's a lot of money to toss out, and not to mention the hours and all that extra pla.

I have attached am image of the latest test.

Any and All suggestions are welcome. =)

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Hi Friend. I think that you are a thinker because you have tried so many methods to address your issue. I even can not give you any ideas. Now I am very curious about how it did not stick. Would you mind sharing a video for it?

Your print looks good. Can not imagine it did not stick on the bed?

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Looks like you have a raft as adhesion type.  Try something else.  Your choices are raft, brim, skirt, none.  Start with brim

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@bahalzamon Hi Bahalzamon, I also have had the same issues as you.  I have a glass bed for my CR-10 S4.  My first prints that were on the card that came with the printer came out perfect.  After that, I couldn't get anything to stick or print.  I also went round and round on getting my bed to level just right.  I found "Uncle Jessy" on YouTube to learned about bed adhesion so I use Magigoo and I like it.  I don't get a print to succeed every time as I'm still learning all the ins/outs.  When I print with a brim, I have a 50/50 chance of a successful print so I usually print a raft and I modify those settings so it easily detaches from the print itself.

I use Ultimaker Cura for my slicer settings.  I print with PLA so my bed is 60c and my nozzle is 190-200c.  Also, check out Brian Hart's "Let's Print a Smart Temperature Tower"

It helped me figure out what temperature my nozzle needed to be at when printing and solve an excess filament issue that was causing my prints to fail.

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Hey! My problem is kinda similar. The first three prints went perfectly, but since then everytime I want to print something the first line printed doesnt stick. (I will attach a short video of it to this comment) I also tried out everything I thought would help but here we are...

I would be really greatful if someone could help 😀



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@meatieboyy Hello, Friend. Thanks for sharing the video. It is better than the writing, I can easily see where the issue is. Trust me, I got the same problem, exactly the same. the bed is too far away from the nozzle. Maybe you will say you have leveled the bed perfectly. but the truth is you did not.

You can just use the rotary knob to up your bed accordingly while the printing, you will find the filament will stick on the bed. Do not level before printing as you have done it and the result is not good. Do some adjustment while printing will make things much easier.