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no usb driver issue

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I have the ender 3 pro and i put in the 4.2.7 board. cant seem to get it to work via usb with my laptop i use to print with, i removed the old driver for 1.1.4 board. and i cant find the driver for the 4.2.7 board. 

windows doesnt detect the usb connection at all no sound and no unknown device. just nothing. i cant find the com port driver for the usb. anyone have a link to it, i tried CH340 and CH341 drivers i believe. cant get it to work, maybe im getting wrong one. 


Another odd note is i have an old laptop i reinstalled windows on and was able to put a driver on it from google searching to connect but cant remember what or where it was from.

I cant get it to work on the laptop i used the 8 bit board on. im sure i removed old driver too.



chip on both boards says CH340G. odd same driver doesnt appear to work.

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Did you get this resolved?