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New Ender5 Pro prints not sticking

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Hello, I am the owner of a new Ender5 Pro. I created and successfully printed several items with the filament that came with the printer. Everything worked great. So great that I decided I should just stick with the same filament and purposely purchased the Creality PLA filament. The new filament wont stick to the bed for some reason. It completes the first line fine, but when it moves over to start the print nothing sticks and it just makes a big mess. I have leveled re-leveled, dried the filament and pretty much every other thing I could find to try and solve the problem. 


Does anyone know what type of filament (other than PLA) that came with the printer? I figured by buying from Creality it would be the same as what came with the printer and I wouldn’t have issues. 

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@nomad33fw I think that the filament matters, but not all of the key factors. The filament that came with the printer is PLA. 

I am wondering that how you level the bed when you found the filament does not stick. I strongly recommend you do a live leveling. It is easier to level the bed while the filament is coming out of the nozzle. See the real condition and then determine to make the bed higher or lower.