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Leaking hotend?

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I recently received my E3V2, set it up and started printing.  Of course ran into initial leveling/adhesion/etc noob issues, but have for the past week printing out nice samples, some even with intricate designs, with no problems.  Swapped out filaments 2-3 times for colors, using Ender-branded and eSun.

Starting last night, I was getting crap prints, poor material deposition, and when I tried cold-pull cleaning methods zero improvement.  Checked the nozzle and hotend, and this is what I’m staring at.

Not only was there a spattered ~1mm layer of PLA all over the nozzle, but also on the underside of the hotend.  It also appears to have squeezed up through past the heat break as well.  Real mess.

Is this something anyone else has encountered with a new (one-week-old) E3 before?  If so, any recommendations on how I can tear this down and clean it, or is it just hosed?  Warranty RMA?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Justin Schubert
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you need to clean your nozzle to prevent things from sticking or get another silicone heat cover also get the nozzle up to temp and check to see if its tight they can loosen over time. causing leaking… so first you try heating the nozzle and seeing of its leaking by extruding hard at temp.. if not Its just buildup and needs cleaning… also some China Plastics now contain low melt filler that burns and clogs the nozzle so get some cleaner filament too…