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Issues trying to upgrade

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Hi there!

I'm a newbie to 3D printing and purchased an Ender 3-Pro a few months back to attempt a new hobby. I really love the idea of printing things, especially miniatures for gaming or toys for my daughter, but I'm running into issues as I attempt to "upgrade" the base model with a few things. For starters, I find I'm having issues with maintaining a level "Z-axis" as it seems to shift slightly as the prints go on, causing issues in layers and some of my early prints failed. I purchased a kit off Amazon however the parts that came with it don't fit/work. Past that, I also found my base model bed (magnetic) had a slight dip in the center so I purchased a tempered glass bed instead, have it leveled to the best of my ability, but am now running into a few other snags with adhesion. I was able to run a bed leveling test perfectly, but when running other calibration tests, the PLA wouldn't grip and ended up sliding around on the center. Finally (and most recently), I'm having issues with the extruder nozzle it seems and stringing/clumping. As I'm learning, materials need to be stored better as residual moisture can affect print quality as well, but just today as I switched rolls to new PLA (Sunlu if it matters), I'm having worse issues as now it appears to clump at the tip of the nozzle before even touching the plate. I realize this might be a lot, but hoping the community can help and possibly even point me in the direction of other threads that have these same issues.


To reiterate:

1: Z-axis sliding/level issues - Bought z-axis kit that doesn't fit/have instructions off Amazon. Are there better kits (in stock) or better ways to ensure the z-axis stays level as my extruder travels along the X-axis?

2: Bed adhesion - Purchased a tempered glass bed to assist with even surface area for prints, but finding issues with first layer adhesion. Could run a bed level test successfully, but prints won't stick and slide when I print a CaliCat as the very next project

3: Material Stringing/Clumping - Switched my spool of filament (PLA across the board) in an attempt to see if poor (lack of) storage of my first roll caused moisture to affect stringing/leaking from my extruder nozzle, but now it's clumping at the tip before ever reaching the bed


Thanks in advance for the help,


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@garbis Hi friend.

1. You mentioned that there is a shift issue lightly, causing issues in layers and some of my early prints failed. What kind of shift issue they are as many reasons could cause this problem. ? ? Like the firmware, stepper, mainboard, and also the static may cause the shift issue. It very hard to find the root reason.

2.You can find some good points for bed adhesion in this video:

3. Do you mean that the filament will leak from the nozzle before printing something? How bad is the situation is? Can your printer normally work when printing something?