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firmware freeze

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so ive been haing a problem with my ender 3 pro, i had just installed the Bltouch i got from the creality website since i got it in a boundle deal. however since getting the touch and downloading the correct firmware my ender has been having problems. my ender doesn’t crash into the bed like most, but when i am doing the test print to see if my z probe offset is correct and setting it acordingly the extruder will diviate off the print its self untill it reaches an x and y switch, then returns to the middle and the system crashes. what i mean by crashes is that the extruder does not move and the lcd screen gives no feedback or response. my only option left from this is to turn the machine off. im not tech-savy by a whole lot. so im not good with code or eeprom or something. but do please help, i am willing to listen and i will explain best i can. 

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@jateye87 its annoying cuz creality doesnt have support for the new bl or cr touch if it has a GD32f303RET6 chip. …. so far the only solution is to flash your 3d printer to this firmware… it is the default one, but bl and cr touch wont work… but at least the printer will work again

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