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Extruder motor twitching

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Hi everyone,

I just received my Ender 3-pro. Unfortunately not working properly.

The extruder motor twitching and the filament is not going out.

Replaced the X and E cables (as is described in the troubleshooting guide) - the extruder motor is working fine, the X axis not.

The guide states - mainboard need to be replaced. In youtube I saw similar problem but the statement is - broken cable.

Any suggestions?

No answer from the after sales support till now...

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I'm having a similar issue - in my case it is the main board that's the issue. My unit is several years old though.

A good test is to do a 'cable swap' between the motors (the Extruder and stepper motors are all the same) and see if the problem shifts with the cable. That will tell you if its the motor or the cable/board.

Once you've eliminated the motor, then try swapping out the cables to a known 'good' motor. If the same board connector works the motor properly with one cable but not the other, then it's the cable. If it's a problem with both cables it's the main board.

I had to learn this the hard way and now have a spare, perfectly good motor and a new mainboard on the way...

Hope this helps a bit with the diagnosis!

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