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Ender 5 Pro wheel problems

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Just got my first 3d printer - ender 5 pro.  Put together and immediately noticed poor smoothness in X and Y motion.  Pushing gently and slowly, I could detect what seemed like detents - it would move OK and then just stop, requiring extra pushing force to get it moving again.  Thought maybe it was flats on the wheels or dents in the rail.  But after tearing down some, I discovered that some of the bearing in the wheels have very noticeable "notchiness" at a particular point in the rotation.  I have examined 5 wheels so far and 2 of them have the bad notches and one of them is smooth, but much more difficult to rotate than the others.  Seems these bearings are of very low quality.  So, I don't even want to mess with these wheels at all, just want to get some replacements of reasonable quality that actually operate like bearings.  I have looked around on line, but they all look the same and have no idea if I would just be getting more wheels with crappy bearings.

If anybody has already gone through this process and got some decent wheels/beraings, please reply with the source you went to.  This is very frustrating that they could put such lousy bearings on a product that otherwise seems pretty good so far.  Thanks.