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Ender-3, Z auto-home position -3.99

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My Ender-3 had been printing fine until the Z screw fell out of position and the Z stop fell off.  I reinstalled the parts but now the printer won't auto-home.  When I initiate a print, the X and Y positions auto-home to 0 but the Z position first displays -75 then -3.99 and then everything stops.  When movement first initiates along Z, the extruder moves momentarily below the bed (at which point the display indicates -75), then repositions above the bed (but displays -3.99) and fails. The extruder remains positioned just above the bed at what appears to be the normal auto-home position but the print cannot proceed and I have to shut down the printer to reboot.  

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I'm having exactly the same, but can't find any replies on here! did you get to the bottom of the issue?