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Ender 3: Won't print properly anymore

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Any help with this please… even everyone on 3D printing groups have given up.

My Ender 3 will no longer print correctly (see image attached).

Using PLA filament at 210°C, glass bed at 60°C, esteps calibrated to 93mm/s but have boosted to as high as 140mm/s without success.

It looks like it’s having trouble getting the filament out of the nozzle. Have recently changed the nozzle a few times (new nozzle with each change), have tried both capricorn and bowen tubing, and have added the hotend fix which has made no difference at all.


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No need to give up now. As a common problem, there are many factors. The default e-steps should be fine. What you can do is to 1. check the nozzle-tube condition, preheat to 200c and use your hand to feed the PLA, the filament should come out easily and smoothly. Or you can problem with one of the components. 2. check the extruder motor and gear. Try to pull out the filament when the motor feeds PlA, you should feel the strong force from the gear and the gear should bite the PLA very tight.