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[Sticky] Ender 3 Weird lines in the print at specific heights

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I recently upgraded my ender 3 printer with all metal extruder and upgraded my mainboard from 4.2.2 to 4.2.7 silent board. Also i added CR touch for auto bed leveling.

Before these upgrades the prints were coming out fine. But after all these upgrades I printed the xyz calibration cube and it came out with weird lines in the print like in the attached image.

Looks like there are 2 issues. One at the top where it looks like it has under extruded and the other at the bottom where it has some weird line. Also these line appears at the same exact height and I tried printing the same cube multiple times and the result is the same. Need help in figuring out what this issue is, why it is occurring and how do I fix it.

Thanks in advance…


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I had same problem with CR touch and Z axis extension … your bottom looks like over extrusion / layer shift (?) Above you just have a lack of material all around the perimeter it’s not just under extrusion …. try with format slow the sd

With CR touch I have problems with Z offset … or the first layer comes out well and the second bad leading me to have pieces dimensionally wrong or the first layer is lousy and the second is perfect

Can you see in the picture on right I have your same problems for the top of cube

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I have a new Ender 3 Pro and I am seeing thin lines at the bottom of my prints (between layers 3 and 8). This results in the wall bulging out in the area of the thin lines. It doesn’t matter how I orient the XYZ test cube, the thin lines always occur on layers 3-8 (1 and 2 look fine to me, but I am new to 3D printing).


Here is a picture. Anyone seen this issue or fixed this issue before?



EDIT: I fixed this issue by making sure my z-axis rollers were all touching the aluminum frame. I had one roller (of 6) that was not touching the frame. I had read posts from Stack Exchange where a guy had a similar problem and it turned out to be the rollers on the z-axis.


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