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Ender 3 V1.1.4 stepper motor vibrations

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I was not able to find anything about my problem, so I started this topic.

My new printer is Ender 3 with 1.1.4 board, my last one was Monoprice mini v2.

The first impression is, that stepper motors are pretty noisy.

Once activated (via prepare>move axis) they produce noise and vibrations also in stand by mode (not moving) until deactivated via menu>disable stepper.

The X stepper vibrates so strong, that it can be felt on hotend carriage (belt tension is ok), so this is the noisiest one, followed by Y stepper. The Z is actually the quietest one.

Since all 3 run with the same voltage I do not understand why, my measurement on X was about 24,1V .

There are SMD potentiometers on the board, that probably regulate the output voltage (see pic.).


- Can I try to reduce the voltage?

- Is it better to change to silent board V4.2.7 ( I heard about firmware issues after swapping the board)

- Stepper dampers would be nice, but I have no tools (puller) to remove the gears


I would be great to hear some advice, even if my problem can be described as a perfectly normal condition.