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Ender 3 V" not extruding

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Hello, I am having problem with 3D printing. Haven’t printed that much yet so am real beginner. The problem I am having is when I print, the printer prints it to like 20% and then just stops extruding. What I noticed it that in the feeding gear(no idea how it’s called) basically its where your filament is being moved into the tube by the two gears. What I noticed when it stopped extruding is that the gears where turning but the filament was “slipping?” basically the gears where rotating but the filament wasn’t being fed to the tube. At least that’s what it looked like to me.

I am using an PLA Blue Matte by ‎PRINSFIL

Bed Temp: 65C° – 70C° / 149F – 158F

Nozzle Temp: 200C° – 205C° / 392F – 401F


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