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Ender 3 Pro – Table Gets Stuck on Y Axis

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We have bought Ender 3 Pro and assembled it according to the instructions. When we tried to Prepare > Auto Home steps, there was no problem in the X and Z axes, but the table started to get stuck while moving in the Y axis. When we tried to Prepare > Motion > Move Y steps, the table got stuck at certain points.

NOTE: You can see the problem in the video.

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@staphyle Hello. Please check your printer with the following step:

1.  Cheak all the wiring connection that related Y-axis is fine.

2. Make sure the Eccentric Nuts under the bed are well adjusted.

3. Do a wiring change test. You need to check if the Y-axis motor is ok. Please change the wire for X and Y motors, the go to the Prepare > Motion > Move X steps, now you are actually controlling the Y motor. If the Y motor moves correctly, that means the Y motor is fine. the issue is on the Y cable or mainboard. Also attached a video for your reference.

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Di you get that one solved?
I am having pretty much the same issue on mine