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ender 3 pro stopped working after installing BL touch

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I got an Ender 3 pro for Christmas(probably purchased earlier this month) today and i put it together this afternoon, i got it working and it was printing pretty good. I then decided to addon a BL touch i had gotten and it all went downhill from there. I installed it and plugged the cable into the mainboard on the back (no extra things needed it already had the port i needed on there) and i turned it on again. The BL touch did some moving which made me pretty happy. I then tried to go back and auto home inside the menu and it did not move. I tried different firmware i tried everything i could think of. Idk if im doing anything wrong as this is my first 3D printer ive had. I unhooked the BL touch and tried it again, the motors do not move even if i told them to move in the system. Nothing is working and im stuck, some help would be appreciated.

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