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Ender 3 Pro printing with PETG

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I am still new to 3D printing, but have most of the basics figured out, and have had fun printing with PLA.  I have an Ender 3 Pro with CR Touch, a glass bed, and upgraded Capricorn filament tube.  I bought my first spool of PETG from Amazon (Overture).  No default settings on Cura so I poked around until I figured out how to customize the material.  Spool says 230-250oC nozzle and 80-90oC bed.  I split the difference and used 240oC nozzle and 85oC bed.  The generic PETG was 70oC bed and 215oC nozzle which looked liked it wouldn’t work for this material.  Some videos I saw said 240oC minimum for PETG.

I uploaded a picture of the first layer.  The outline printed ‘fatter’ than I would see with my PLA prints, and the first layer of a solid wedge shape was fraying off the bed.  Bed adherence doesn’t seem to be the problem, but almost that it’s pushing too much material through the nozzle.  I haven’t figured out playing with feed rates of material.  Before I tinker too much on my own, I thought I would ask for help…   Any advice appreciated!

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