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Ender 3 pro (+Octopi) failing every 5-6 prints with a "communications error" - yeeeeelp :/

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Hi Creality community

Got my very first 3D printer (Creality Ender 3 Pro) this Dec. Awesome machine. Solved quite a few problems using google (like preheating the nozzle to remove fillament / DUH 😀 )

Hitting an issue atm, and google is no longer my friend 🙁

Printer halts every 5-6 prints with a "communication error", effectively ruining the print. Very annoying after a fine 10 hour run....

Setup: Ender 3 pro + octopi on Pi 4b+ webcam, upload prints via wi-fi to Pi, Pi then connected by cable to Ender 3.

I'm adding the following log files/photos at

  1. Octopi GUI terminal output - GUI output when printing
  2. IMG_20210126_191219 - failed print
  3. octoprint - Octopi log file
  4. serial - Octopi log file
  5. screenshot - Octopi GUI error screenshot

Any assistance much appreciated.

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