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Ender 3 Pro - Filament stops gettin out of the nozzle/extruder

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So i have this brand new Ender 3 Pro (my first 3d printer), and i've printed actually a lot of things very okay and fine. However, since yesterday, it seens i can't print anything at all anymore. The thing is, there is filament (PLA) gettin out of the nozzle normally (specially if i go to Extruder -> Move 1mm -> and set the value to 15 - 20). But when its printing, the printer does the first raft layer, and then the supports, and then stops sending filament. It stills continues acting like everything is fine and running, but theres nothing coming out. Theres this motor behind (forgot the name of it), that pushes the filament through the hot end tube, but even then theres nothing coming out of the nozzle. So the prints are failing everytime. Whats this about? Is this the temperature of the room i'm printing? (never had this problem before though)

i'm really worried that this might be worse than i think.

PLA being heated with 210C and bed with 60C

I'm using ultimaker cura Slicer


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