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Ender 3 Pro constant beeping

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I recently purchased a Enders 3 Pro which on arrival had an error on startup. It starts correctly, all functions work, I.e. manual stepper movement, home etc. However as soon as you select pre heat, it emits a loud beep and locks up. When you turn it off it resets. The company I purchased it from have been terrible with their fault finding support. As such I started the process of checking myself, in line with offical YouTube video. The power supply is producing the 24.2v, the stepper motor voltages are with range, fan outputs are correct, however I am unable to test hot bed and hot end due to error. I next removed the load, I.e. disconnect the hot bed and end, same error. Progressive removal of all outputs except display result in same error.
I ordered a new main board, V 4.2.7, fitted it and got the beeping error as soon as I turned on the power.
As the seller is not being of any assistance I am hoping someone here can help.

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