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Ender 3 Pro 4.2.7 upgrade and BLtouch upgrade

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I added the board and the BLtouch exactly as the video says. I triple checked that it is all installed correctly. Then I flashed the firmware ''4.2.7V-Ender-3 Pro-32bit Mainboard-Marlin2.0.1- V1.3.1- BLTouch-TMC2225'' The printer starts up and I try auto home but the board moves forward all the way to max and starts vibrating and making loud sound so I have to cut power. What did I do wrong?

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Sounds to me like the problem is that the end stop for the board isn't registered correctly for some reason.

Check the micro switch in front, make sure the board touches it and makes it switch correctly and then check the wiring.  

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@ptman1718 it would be helpful if you can provide a video. Are you saying that when auto home, your XY motor moved to max( opposite direction of the end stops) and didn't touch the end stops?