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Ender 3 pro 4.2.2 bltouch firmware problems

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Ok I'm new to 3d printing but I've been working on it non stop for 2 months (covid-19 stopped my job). So having a hard time finding a stable firmware. Tried paying 15$ at, nothing worked at all! Using the one from here but it's bugs. Does anyone have the contact of Tried to start with visual studio + marlin but got stuck on stepper motors on the 4.2.2 tmc 2088 or the other one. I'm all ready having fun with cura, fusion 360, meshmixer and so on. My girlfriend thinks I'm crazy, my son loves the toys, but I need some help, please. 

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I'm having the exact same problem with both the 'with board' and 'without board' firmwares in the same setup as yours. Even down to the constant buzzing with the with board firmware. Given up for now on installing it and hope someone can helped advise?