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Ender 3 not printing proper dimensions

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Hello all,

I recently purchased an ender 3 printer. I am having trouble getting it to print accurate dimensions. I made a test cube to figure out exactly what was wrong. When I print it the length and width are the correct dimensions however the height is about .5mm too short. The floor thickness is .1mm too thin. The wall thickness is ranging around .08mm too thick. And a window I made in it is too small aswell, about .3mm off. Some dimensions are just right, some are too small, some are too big. Is there anything I can do to try and fix this problem? Thanks!

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@leif_hauge - I just upgraded my E3 standard with the 4.2.7 quiet board. My problem is opposite of yours in that length and width are off but height is accurate to the Cura ver 4.11 dimensions. Will try other slicers and follow up.