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Ender 3 - Layer shift at ~ 0.75"/19mm

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I'm using MatterControl to slice my models and Blender to create them. I noticed a layer shift... (although I can feel the layer protrude on both the inner and outer surfaces) at ~3/4 of an inch from bed height.

Not sure if it will happen higher but it seems consistent.

I really haven't done much true modding: added the back cover to the PCB, knob to feeder, springs to bed level.

For my personal prints it's a minor ... nuisance is too strong a word. However, some prints I would like to sell and these I would like to be in good order.

I bought my printer... I believe the very beginning of 2020.

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I have a somewhat similar problem, but mine is both more pronounced and more inconsistent.  at about 1mm off the build plate my model suddenly shifts about a mm to the  side and keeps printing - I tried re-slicing and moving the model on the build plate - it happened in 3 different prints - the prints in question were hollow boxes - when I do prints that have a more solid interior - or at least a support structure, this seems to happen less often