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Ender 3 Bed centering Issues, HELP!

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I have been trying to fix an issue with my hot end not centering with the bed when prints start, the Y axis is off by 6mm towards the front and the X axis is off by 5MM to the right, not having the bed centered is causing issues with large prints, when I go into settings on the printer, control>motion> and change the offset for Y (+6mm) & X (-5mm) axis to center the nozzle on the bed, I us a test print that is 35mm diameter with cross hairs for alignment, once I make the change and save it, it will print the test print oblong and not perfectly round (egg shaped) but dead center, if I reset to “fail safe” and save it, it will print the test print perfectly but off center, what is causing this? are these offsets not meant to correct bed centering issues? 


How do I center my bed, I purchased the printer back in November 2018 so I have no clue what the firmware is? 

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