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Cooling improvements – Ender 3 v2

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Good evening!

I’m looking to improve the cooling part of my Ender3-V2 and I have the following questions:

1) – The controller board fan is turned off whenever I turn off the print cooling fan. I want it to be always on, so I thought of connecting it to the port responsible for the hotend cooling FAN (the one that is always on).
I looked for documentation about the amperage provided in this port of the board version 4.2.2 but found nothing. Would there be a problem with that?

2) – If I want to connect more than one FAN to cool the part, would there be any problem connecting to the same port?

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Hi @maikonssilva 

yea, some users do the mod to connect the main board fan to steady-on 12V on the board and disconnect so the main board fan from the part cooler fan out. There are a lot of vid for ender 3 but I did also not found a clear instruction for ender 3V2 4.2.2 board.

I can only provide a picture from a German forum where you can see how e connect the main board fan to 12VDC (green plug) from the main board. You will fine some videos how to open the main board cover…pull our the main board fan wires and cut the wires..