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Change Ender-3 Hot End fan

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The original Hot End fan of my Ender-3 started to make noise when turning on the printer. After several seconds and with a little help, the fan starts to spin as it should. It's not a matter of dirty or lack of lube. The fan is old and was asking a replacement. I bought a similar fan 40mmx40mmx10mm 24 V, but with ball bearings, instead of sleeve bearing.

The point is that it spins too fast and the Hot End does not reach to the print temperature.

I'm printing ABS at 240 °C and the Hot End hardly reaches 220 °C

I want to ask if there is a way in the FW to reduce the speed of the fan or any other trick. I guess that adding a resistor in series with the fan is not the best way. Also, adding a Adjustable Speed Regulator could solve the problem ?

Any other idea ?