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Bltouch firmware upgrade not loading

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@seajhawk Have you renamed the .bin file? Give a short and easy new name.

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@kevin @eli-liu Hello I have a similar issue. I have the ender 3 pro with the new silent board 4.2.7 it comes with the CR touch already connected and working and I need to update it to also have the BLTOUCH. I am afraid to do so because the last board I bricked (As shown in the video) because I believe I flashed the wrong firmware on it. I am not sure what I need to successfully flash my firmware I have done this three times with different boards with the same result.  I’VE BEEN AT THIS FOR WEEKS! I have even tried compiling the firmware with VSCODE and Downloading it from the Marlin Website. I have also renamed the bin tried different sd cards and tried the firmware with the name of my board all of them do nothing to the board. 


I just want to learn how to successfully update my firmware with the upgrades I have. Please let me know what I must do to fix my expensive ornament. Any help would be loved 

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