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Beginner's problem

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Hi everyone, I'm new to my ender 3 pro and into the world of 3D printing in general.


I'm trying to print: but I'm blocking the 1st piece, the case.

[url = https: // id = 21/38 / bkpb.jpg] [img]

[/ img] [ / url]

[url = https: // id = 21/38 / umks.jpg] [img]

[/ img] [ / url]


The beginning is going well but as soon as it has to print the 1st "ceiling" everything goes wrong. I noticed that it draws a straight line at the front part which folds completely and then takes care of braiding the bottom and it gets better but when it arrives towards the front with this twisted line everything is collapsing > < I tell myself that the wire may not have enough time to cool down and the modification of the air flow at the nozzle could be the solution?


I use stock machine and bed, I used the recommended settings: 0.20, 30% infill, no supports but no raft, it gives me a very ugly base when I use it. but I would be surprised if my problem comes from lack of raft.


Otherwise I use PLA Overture black.


I managed to print a 30cm statuette and I'm very happy with it, super detailed in 0.12, so my machine shouldn't have any technical issues.


Do you have any idea where my concern is and how I can resolve it? Thank you


Édit : I Remember  I read "you should not change the default orientation for better result" but while I browse pictures of the original post looking for answer I see the guy rotate the case in cura in a more logic position. I think my way could never work ^^ if someone can confirm this ?! Thanks 

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