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Bed-leveling issues with Ender 3 Pro

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Hi, I’m having issues to level the bed of my Ender 3 Pro. I’m not entirely sure why.

My first suggestion is, that it´s “just warped”, because it is generally a little bit higher at the middle. Would you recommend buying a CR- /BL-Touch if that’s the case?

But then I noticed little cracks under my printbed (See attachement) and some little dents (not sure if that’s the right word for it)(Also in the attachment). Could they have something to do with the bed-levelling issues?

I also noticed, that at one point, besides a dent, the bed seems to be way higher than at other points. Does a CR-/ BL-Touch measures the height of the bed at that many points, that it will notice that?(The area is not very big).

Because of those issues, i haven’t been able to print any big print and even smaller prints don’t have very good first layers and I would be grateful for any replies/ suggestions to solve my problem.

Thanks in advance, Jakob.

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