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At my wits end

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Bought an Ender 3 pro last month. Loved it. Worked well printed about 10 items then had a thermal runaway. Checked the forums here and tightened the register screw and seemed to fix the issue. So I decided to install the CR touch leveling system that I bought as a bundle. Crash and burn from there.


After completing the simple wiring install, disconnecting the z axis sensor, and installing new hardware for the board. The machine would auto level the begin to print. 10 seconds into the print complete lock up. OS crash like it was windows ME. Complete freeze no menu control or anything. Then it stops reading the SD card. Will notify me when I insert it, but the menu says no card inserted. This is where I contact customer service. After sending pics and videos, they send me a new mother board.  I take my time and swap out boards, reinstall OS from the website. 

CR touch doesn’t work and just has a red light. So I disconnect it. Level the bed, reconnect z axis sensor and try to print. After several failed attempts at reading the card I get a test print going. 10 seconds in, OS freeze again. So I’m back to square one.

I go to the website download the only OS they have for Ender 3 pro. Try it all again….with the exact same results. Tells me “card inserted” on info board, but “no card inserted” when I click the knob. When I do get it to read (1/10 tries) print freeze 10 seconds in. Reformatted card and everything. Same thing.


help me. I don’t know what else to do. I’m about to bash this thing against my back patio concrete. Just for the sake of my mental health.


sorry so for the long post. Just need help.