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4.2.7 + BLTouch + custom bed offset +Extruder step motor step

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my silentmainboard 1.1.5 has died and I bought the v4.2.7.

The official firmware from:

Ender-3 Pro-4.2.7-TMC2225 

Marlin2.0.1-BLTouch-V1.3.1(with adapter board)

works ok, but since I use a all metal hotend, the hotend is not centered.


I also noticed a problem of custom settings like extruder steps, PIDs, autobed leveling settings reset to default after power cycle. 

I therefore, need to modify the source code to build my own Firmware, but where can I find it?

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@3d_printer_user Creality did not release the source code for Marlin2.0.1. There is only source code for marlin1.1.6 for 8 bits mainboard.