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Wheels for Z axis are not running on the extrusion

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I think this is the biggest issue I encountered with the Ender 3 Max. After assembling the printer, I checked if the wheels are properly tightened against the aluminum extrusion.

I noticed that the wheels from the left side were tightened too much, and because of how Creality installed the eccentric nut, you cannot adjust it. You’re stuck with three wheels which are pressing too hard on the extrusion and can cause some print issues.

To explain this further: if the eccentric nut is fixed on one side, when you adjust it you also add a small angle to the wheel and instead of running the wheel parallel to the extrusion, only part of the wheel will touch it properly.

On the right side, the wheels were not tightened at all and only one of the wheels was touching the aluminum extrusion. Just like on the right side, you cannot tighten the eccentric nut correctly. So, you now have an X gantry that is not properly guided on the aluminum extrusion and the right side of the gantry has a big droop.

and I have no idea how to fix this, any help would be appreciated.

I repeat, I tried to adjust the eccentrics, but that does not solve anything. disassemble the complete printer by adjusting everything again and nothing.




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@pablopunta Hi, Although you are emphasizing many times that you understand how the eccentric nuts works, I still recommend you watch this video carefully.

In my opinion, if the eccentric nuts do not work at all, that means the distance between wheels is longer than the parallel distance of two extrusions. So do you have any idea to adjust the passive blocks as the attached picture show?

But I do really recommend you contact the seller to send you a new printer directly, it is should be a quality issue. You do not have to fix it for Creality.