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Upgrading to SKR Mini V2 Board

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I am upgrading my Max to an SKR Mini V2 board.  I have been doing some research and found many Youtube videos on this.  I don't have an issue installing the board and connecting everything (at least I don't think I do).  But is there is anything I should be aware of in regard to physically installing it?  This video seemed particularly useful:

He is upgrading an Ender 3.

The part that concerns me is the firmware.  He talks about going to the Marlin firmware site (at the 11:37 mark) and when I do this, I do see a folder for the Ender 3 Max, however, I am not seeing the additional folders that he sees in the Ender 3 folder (namely, the "BigTreeTech SKR Mini E3 2.0" folder).  I am just seeing 4 files and no folders (see screenshot).  The files include the Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h files).

How do I follow his instructions without this folder?  He is using the config files for this particular board and this board is not specified in the Max folder.  Can I just use the files from the Ender 3 folder and follow along?  If I do this, must I make any other changes?

I may have gotten in over my head here.  I will likely have more questions as I dig deeper, I will add them here as they come up.  If there is anyone willing to talk to me about this, that would be amazing.  I can provide my contact info.  I am pretty tech savvy, but I haven't compiled a firmware yet but will catch on quick provided I can better understand what I am doing.

PS.  I am also getting the touchscreen with this order to further complicate matters.


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@rb9999 12:35 in this video, seems you need to download it. Not sure if I understand correctly. ? ? 

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I have this board in my Max. Physically (for mounting), it is identical to the Creality board. The one issue you may have is that, while there are two fan connectors on the board, only Fan0 is controllable for cooling. So the general advice is to run the two cooling fans in parallel off the one Fan0 connector.

You may want to look at my thread on building Marlin 2.0. I can offer my configuration.h and configuration_adv.h files if you want. The only other thing is to change the board type in platformio.ini to STM32F103RC_btt_512K_USB.

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