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Struggling with BLTouch

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Just got my Ender 3 Max and got the BLTouch to go with it. Did a manual level before installing the switch and got a vaguely reasonable first print. Installed the BLTouch and installed the

Ender-3 Max 4.2.2 Mainboard BLtouch firmware V1.0.1.6 – BLTouch.bin

but can't get it to Z Offset correctly. If I home the device it homes and retreats to 15.77mm, retract the probe and lower the mech, the nozzle will hit the paper at +2.00mm instead of a negative figure. The retracted probe is still above the nozzle.

I installed the Marlin bin from @holmes4 (

)but this will not let me move the Z axis below 0.00, which is still above the bed. So there's some confusing results between the two firmwares with the Creality thinking I'm hitting the bed with a positive value and the Marlin coming down to zero but not reaching the paper.

Confused as to what to try next

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