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Random Pauses during print!

Stephen G
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It just suddenly pauses by itself. The bed and nozzle temps dont go down.

It happens randomly. The monitor displays no error messages on the bottom part.
Sometimes it says "resume print" and sometimes it displays weird texts.

you have to press the button to let it continue but by the time you knew it paused printing, your print is already blobbed! some filament drips over the point where it stops. print fail.
it is just so unpredictable. the only thing i was able to print well is a 3d benchy.

board is 4.2.2
firmware version in the display is Marlin   <-the one on the website is


what is happening here?

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@stephen-g It looks like the firmware got something wrong. I recommend you reflash the firmware again.

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I had seen that with my Max until I started building my own Marlin 2.0 firmware.