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First print successful, second print complete failure!!!

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Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to the 3d printing world. I come to you today seeking some much needed help. After setting up everything and getting everything leveled, calibrated, and everything else I decided to print my first print. Nothing to complicated, just a basic calibration cube. The cube came out great besides some lifting on the bottom of the print but everything else came out fine. So after the first print finished I was wanting to try the Benchy print. Major failure with zero bed adhesion. 

Pretty much it did its purge and went to the center of the build plate and started printing the initial start of the line was doing great but as soon as it started the rounded off portion of the skirt the filament no longer was sticking to the bed and just became a mess. I continued to recheck (5x) that my bed was level which it was, checked my filament for cracks, niches, and any other forms of imperfection and everything looked good. Tried again and now it barely looks like filament wants to come out of the extruder and just gets stuck around the nozzle. I'm using hatchbox pla filament.

Print specs inside cura are as follows:

print temp:200

printing temp initial layer: 200

initial printing temp: 200

final printing temp: 200

build plate temp: 60

build plate temp initial layer: 60

initial print speed: 10 have adjusted from 30 down to 10 and still same results

skirt/brim speed: 10

all other speeds have not been altered from the ender-3 Pro printer settings.


Need some help I was so looking forward to finally being able to print all my designs I have had saved for a year or 2 now.


Thanks for the help

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@mtndew117  First, you need to check if the filament really clogged. You can try to push filament manually when you squeeze the extruder gear open. 

If the nozzle did not clog, I recommend you do a live leveling. Level your bed while the printer is working, this is the best way to make sure the situation of your bed leveling.