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[Sticky] Ender3 Max Printing issues

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Good Day,

I just got my Ender 3 Max and I've been having issues printing.  It appears that my Z-Axis is moving farther than expected.  Basically, the printed items are stretched over 2x the size and is extremely thin.   I've attached a Pic of the Filmanet Clip and the black one I printed on my 5 Pro and it's 18 mm tall.  the same gcode on the 3 Max is 34 mm.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  




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Clearly, the Z-steps are wrong for your printer. See Teaching Tech 3D Printer Calibration (

While this page recommends using a dial gauge, you can still use a test print and a digital micrometer. You can even get a first approximation using the sizes of your clip print. The instructions for how to view and change the Z-steps are key.