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Ender 3 Max and BL Touch issue

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Just recently my BL Touch quit working. I have an Ender 3 Max that is stock except for the BL Touch 3.1 and firmware upgrade. The Mainboard is 4.2.2 and I am currently running Creality firmware

Everything was working fine, then i had a print go screwy. I think the print lifted of the bed on one corner and caught the nozzle. Anyway the print head was way off alignment and spagetti everywhere. I cleaned everything, and replaced the BL Touch probe as I noticed it was bent a little and checked all the wiring.

Now the BL Touch no longer works. When I turn on the printer, The BL stays solid red and doesn’t go through it’s initial deploy and retract routine. If i tell it to deploy the BL just starts blinking red. It does seem to take a reset as the blinking stops but nothing else works on the BL.

I have tried the Marling firmware to no avail.

I suspect the BL sensor is bad or possible the mainboad.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

If I need to replace the BL I am thinking of getting the CR Touch. Anyone know what firmware I should download for the CR Touch?


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CRtouch and BLtouch are identical as far as firmware is concerned.