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CR Touch with direct drive extruder mounts on the wrong side

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I have the official creality direct drive extruder installed and I also installed a cr touch.  A lot of the time when I hit auto level it just goes to the center of the bed and sits there.  Sometimes it goes to x home and feels for a point in the air to the left of the bed.  I believe it thinks the cr touch is mounted to the right side of the head.  I don’t know if the direct drive is compatible with a cr touch or if I need different firmware.  I would love some advice and sorry for the long post.

TLDR: ender 3 max direct drive and cr touch is mounted on the wrong side.

Ender 3 Max 4.2.2


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I have this combination. The problem you have is that Marlin (the firmware) has settings for the offset between the probe and nozzle, and default builds assume that the probe is on the right, where with the direct drive it tends to go on the left. This offset determines where the probes occur, so that the probe itself is not off the bed. 

I am not sure if the probe offsets can be set using the display controls – when I built my firmware I measured the offsets and changed it in the Marlin configuration.h file.

Which direct drive kit did you install and how is the CRtouch mounted? I remixed a Thingiverse adapter for the Micro Swiss DD and the Max, adding a BLtouch/CRtouch mount (Micro Swiss DD Adapter for Ender 3 Max with BLtouch by holmes4 – Thingiverse)