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[Sticky] Compatible Hotend and Thermistor for Ender 3 Max

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Hello, I have been using this printer for over a year and I love it, although I don’t get everything I want with it, such as printing with flexible filament and other things that I have tried.

But I write to expose a doubt I have about this machine.

Looking on the web I have found a couple of improvements that I have tried, such as changing the bowden tube for a Capricorn one or putting an All-Metal barrel.

I may have noticed some improvement in terms of having less traffic jams, but I don’t see it that clearly.

What interests me is to know if someone has changed the hotend for another of the many that they recommend in same webs(youtube, for example).

The first problem i can see is that not all of them can fit in the box that covers our hotend, but even so I have seen some that should fit, but I am worried about spending the money for nothing.

So I would be grateful if someone could tell us if he/she has changed it for a better one and how it has improved the printings…

On the other hand, does anyone know if the Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro thermistors are compatible with Ender 3 Max? And the heater?

Greetings to all and thanks in advance.

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I used the Gulf Coast Robotics hotend for a while. It is a mount and size match for the Creality hotend and worked fine. Really, any of the hotends that claim to be compatible with the Creality one should be fine. The thermistors are the same.

I now have a Slice Engineering Copperhead heatbreak and heater block in my Max – it fits into the Creality heatsink. I also upgraded the heater and thermistor (the Slice thermistor requires customization in the firmware.) Can’t tell you yet how well it works, still reassembling.