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speed with a 0.8 noozle

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Hi guys 

I have a question about the the right speed for my cr10 max with a 0.8 mm nozzle

I doing some large pieces with Ultimaker CURA 4.8 settings speed about 20 mm/s but i want to increase the speed

But I want the same time, the parts be string almost as the speed of 20 mm/s

what speed I choose? 30 mm? 40 mm? 60 or 80 mm/s ?

and what other settings can I consider? for example decrease the layer height to 0,4 mm (0,8 mm noozle) and then increase the speed?



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there are many factors that cause string. nozzle temperature, material quality, nozzle condition and retraction.  for a 0.8 nozzle, print speed is normally about 60mm/s. 

This video may help you.