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So many of you have been concerned about your raspberry PI keeping your LCD on after the AC is off or worse yet having your printer destroy you raspberry pi or worse yet your pc.  Here is a quick fix that requires no tape, no wire cutting, nothing. Just plug and play.  And at 7 bucks is a perfect fix.  It is simply 2 USB connectors with no connection on the 5 v line.

It is available here

I have attached a picture as well. 

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Good find @BHS Rob, but if you live in the UK then adding postage from USA, plus Tax is gonna push up the price quite a bit, also you can order this from, but for some reason the shop is on ‘Holiday’ WTF?? Even so it will be a fiver plus postage plus tax we are now out of the EU!!

If you are not confident enough to cut the ‘Red’ wire (Its always the Red Wire LOL), then this solution below is FREE, and does not involve cutting anything other than a tiny bit of Electrical Insulating Tape, and won’t involve invalidating any warranties or risking your PC/Laptop/Pi/PC/Laptop. 

This is a typical USB Connector. to prevent any power getting to the place you don’t want it to go….You simply cut a small stripe of tape and put it on the 5V pin of your USB plug.
Here you see an image of the standard USB A and B plugs

Pin 1 is the 5V pin which you’re going to cover with the tape.
Here two pictures if you feel unsure what to do:
Cut a stripe of tape and grab it with a pair of tweezers.


and put the tape on Pin 1 of your plug .Let the tape overlap a bit so it doesn’t move when the pins of the USB port connect to the pins of the plug.


Note the orientation of the USB (The white or black plastic bar is at the bottom, making pin 1 the right most pin as you look at the end of your USB.

What happens if you do it wrong?

Don’t worry – the worst that can happen is that you can’t connect to your printer anymore because you covered the wrong pin(s). Just remove the tape and put it on the right place and it will work again