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Replaced a failed power switch and now z homing does not work anymore

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I had a power switch fail. I got a replacement and now the printer powers on. Now when I do an auto home, it homes x and y and then moves to the center and proceeds to move down. The IR sensor is tripped and it continues down but the pressure sensor no longer registers and continues to try to go down and the z steppers start grinding. I power the printer off and move the printhead back up by habd. I have checked all the connections in the printhead, on the little board next to the x axis stepper and on the control board. Still does the same thing. I replaced the IR sensor with the spare I was provided and it made no difference. This thing is useless now. What else can I do?

Eli liu
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This issue can be included in the CR-6 - Print Nozzle driving into the bed problem. I have the same problem, but there is no clear solution yet. You can connect the after-sale and tell them your situation and ask them for part replacement.