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Printing flat model does not work

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Hi there,

I am using a Creality 6 SE with firmware and Creality slicer 4.8.2. I tried to print a relatively flat model (see screenshot Creality). I used infill 10%, layer height 0.16mm and print speed 40mm/s. I used the Creality filament 1.75 mm PLA white (print temp 195 - 220°C) which came with the printer. Headbed was set to 60°C, nozzle temperatur to 200°C (defaults).


The print started promising (see pic1) then, when the nozzle made a wide movement, the printed line resolved from the heating plate a bit and all did not seem so well anymore (see pic2). When I came into the room in the morning, there was some nice chaos going on (pic3).


How can I fix the problem?




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